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Gran Turismo 3: A-spec Challenge!

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Yeah, it had to happen [24 Feb 2005|10:25am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

The Next generation is here. Bring it on!


Let it begin!

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New community [18 Mar 2004|04:39pm]

There is now a drifting community! I think there was already one, but there has only been like 10 posts in 3 months. I'll at least post vids a couple times a week. I hope to get lots of discussion going and meet more people interested in the sport!





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Turn Left!!! [24 Feb 2004|05:13pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Ok, this may be a bizzare challenge but I think it will be cool

F-094/H (the S will work too, they're the same)

Super Speedway

Anything goes, but riding the wall will not help you.

This will be extremely close in terms of time, so setup and line will be the key, enjoy.

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A new challenge [24 Feb 2004|12:55am]

Mazda 787b Fully modded

Trial mountain

Super soft tires

Full ASM and TC allowed (even though I wont use much)

You can do a full cut of the chicane as its hard to say how much you can and cannot cut and you would win a lot of time there if you did cut, so just do a full cut, it may or may not be faster.
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Ahhhh [28 Jan 2004|03:07am]

I just remembered about this being on here ha. Ive been busy using a friends simulator to play GT3, weve been focusing on drifting lately which is a lot better with the wheel. Anyways i look forward to this.

Heres a challenge for ya.

Laguna Seca/
All mods
Simulation tires
No TC or ASM
You can adjust anything except for TC and ASM, and only use simulation tires.
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[13 Sep 2003|01:33am]

Hello to any who still read this community. A few friends and myself have been doing our own challenge in another LJ but it was annoying to seperate personal and GT3 entries and lo and behold, we find this community exists, so we will start posting our challenges here. Obviously anyone can join in.

Laguna Seca
Mazda 787B fully modified
No TC, No ASM, No dirt race.
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Question... [12 Feb 2003|11:55pm]

Any body here got All Gold on the S-License tests? I'm working on it but it's quite frustrating... I've got 3 left: S5, S7, and S8. Better yet, anybody got any driving tips? ;) :D

Miata @ Trial Mountain (I hate Trial Mountain, and I hate stock Miatas) and Viper Team Oreca @ Laguna Seca were particularly heinous (I can handle the Viper on any track *except* Laguna Seca... figures...).
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[18 Oct 2002|12:14pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

ey..has anyone here won with the Hachi-roku Shigeno in arcade mode hard level? Either Fully tuned N/A or Turbo 3...as long as it's on tarmac.

Try it at least once if you haven't...although don't expect to win.

I guess that's the challenge I'm posting

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Question: [22 Sep 2002|06:10pm]

What exactly is the reasoning behind the day count... Its really useless info, right? Just like in Final Fantasy Tactics... Useless... ??
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Another GT3 Challenge [29 Jul 2002|01:31pm]

There's still a few days left to get in on this before the results of the 1st challenge are posted. I know you guys here are pretty damn good, so why not give it a shot on a slightly larger scale? There's an option for team play, too. =)

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CLEAR! [27 Jul 2002|12:17pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Gaming Ninjas is a struggling community with great potential. It flatlined a while ago, and I'm trying to zap some life into it. Hence the title of my post.

Join people.

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Tahiti Maze I / true rally cars (see below) / 600hp max [23 Jun 2002|01:44am]

Any non-race iteration of a model which is designated as a rally car, excluding the Escudo. From what I can find, the following qualify:
Lancia Delta

For example, the Impreza 22b STi would qualify, but the Impreza LM Race car would not. Also you cannot put dirt tires on your SVT Cobra R or some such. I'm trying to limit this to true Rally cars.

My results:
Focus Rally Car / 529hp / 1.53.859
Impreza Rally Car Prototype / 549hp / 1.54.568
Peugeot 206 Rally Car / 465hp / 1.55.683
Lancer Evolution VII Rally Car Prototype / 478hp / 1.55.828
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Grand Valley / NSX only / no HP limit [21 Jun 2002|03:18pm]

Honda NSX, Acura NSX, JGTC NSX... any NSX!
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Laguna Seca / All Cars / 1000hp minimum [18 Jun 2002|02:30pm]

Na and Turbo, must have super-slicks on, and must be raced backwards.

Fastest Lap:
Dodge Viper GTS 1110hp 3'48.732
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[12 Jun 2002|01:38pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

This car will kick all your cars asses.

Save target as...if the video doesn't stream

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hi [26 May 2002|07:45pm]

[ mood | working ]

hey i'm new to this community but no to gt3. i am like 60% done. gold in all licenses so far with no cheating. i have aquired like 184 cars and have quite a few cars over 1000hp. i prefer using any lancer or any of my skylines. sometimes my f1 car can be fun. well i just wanted to say hi and hope to post more.

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Gran Tourismo 4 [02 May 2002|07:15pm]

Hey guys. GT4 won't be out in Japan til' 2004, but either way, its gonna be great.

I think that the game would be a whole lot better if the following fixes were made:

-Visible upgrades on cars (I'd like to have racing exhaust and soft tires be a little more visible)
-Body upgrades (Putting in a dominantly fiberglass body couldn't hurt)
-Full racing modification (It needs to come back! The cars looked so cool with it)
-Damage model (Slamming into a wall at 230mph and just bouncing back just does NOT compute)
-I cannot stress this enough- ONLINE PLAY. You could leave all of these other options out, and putting online play in would make GT3 one of the best racing games of all time. But nothing beats Tokyo Extreme ;-) (I'd love to use one of my finely tuned Skylines against some redneck and his Viper)
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[30 Apr 2002|05:03pm]

Hi guys, I'm new.

I've been playing GT3 since Christmas, pretty sick game. Don't own any race cars yet though.

I own:

Nissan Skyline V-Spec 2 (Black, 230+mph)
Audi S4 (Black, 210+mph)
Nissan 300ZX (Black, 190+mph)
Toyota Supra RZ (Black, 200+mph)
Mercedes Benz CL600 (Silver, piece of crap)
Subaru Impreza 22B-STi (Blue, can't remember speed)
Honda Civic Type R Hatchback (Black, 160+mph)
Honda Accord Type R Sedan (Red, 170+mph)
Acura RSX (Black, 150+mph)

I'm not very good at racing in this game, I'm a "brake at the last possible second and slam into the wall to stay barely ahead" type of guy. I play more Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero than any other racing game.
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GT3 Times [03 Apr 2002|03:29pm]

Check the forums for car setting tips.
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Max speed [23 Mar 2002|11:28pm]

How about an all-out max speed contest? No limitations on cars or hp.
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