Dr. Gabriel Butler, M.D. (dr_gabe_b_md) wrote in gt3_challenge,
Dr. Gabriel Butler, M.D.

Hi guys, I'm new.

I've been playing GT3 since Christmas, pretty sick game. Don't own any race cars yet though.

I own:

Nissan Skyline V-Spec 2 (Black, 230+mph)
Audi S4 (Black, 210+mph)
Nissan 300ZX (Black, 190+mph)
Toyota Supra RZ (Black, 200+mph)
Mercedes Benz CL600 (Silver, piece of crap)
Subaru Impreza 22B-STi (Blue, can't remember speed)
Honda Civic Type R Hatchback (Black, 160+mph)
Honda Accord Type R Sedan (Red, 170+mph)
Acura RSX (Black, 150+mph)

I'm not very good at racing in this game, I'm a "brake at the last possible second and slam into the wall to stay barely ahead" type of guy. I play more Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero than any other racing game.
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