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Turn Left!!!

Ok, this may be a bizzare challenge but I think it will be cool

F-094/H (the S will work too, they're the same)

Super Speedway

Anything goes, but riding the wall will not help you.

This will be extremely close in terms of time, so setup and line will be the key, enjoy.
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Im still tweaking, but I figured I'd put up a time.
intitial run: 1:25.232
You do mean....25.232 right? because you'd have to be dead to run over a minute at Super speedway......?!?!
yeah, that's what I meant, I got a 25.201 before quiting

Deleted comment

Hmmm, well get one! =o)

The next challenge I make will be at a large track like either Complex string or special stage route 11. What high end cars do you have?

Toyota GT1, Nissan R390 GT1, 787 you got that. Any F1 cars?
i only have the f090/s and the f686/m. what race do u get the f94 in?