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gt3_challenge's Journal

Gran Turismo 3: A-spec Challenge!
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Welcome to the GT3 Challenge!

These are the community rules, and anyone found in violation of them will be warned. Further violation will result in a ban:

1. This Challenge is based on the "honor system". Lying about your lap times will ruin the integrity of the whole community and the Challenge will cease to be fun. If you have a camera and the ability to post an undoctored picture of your times, feel free to do so.

2. Posts to the Challenge must adhere to the following format:

Track / Car(s) Allowed / HP limit

For example:
Seattle Circuit / Any non-race cars / 499HP max

All other race info or requirements should go here, along with the post originator's lap time(s). Specify fastest lap, top 3 fastest laps, etc.

For example:
Turbo tuned cars only. No Super Soft tires. No race cars.

Fastest laps:
Skyline GTR Vspec II (R32) / 494HP / 1'33.435
Lancer Evolution VII GSR / 493HP / 1'34.764
RX-7 Type RZ / 485HP / 1'35.301

Please post the full names of the cars, the correct/current HP ratings, and the full times! Don't get lazy and just post "Skyline / 587hp / 1'13". All the pertinent information is necessary, right down to the last horsepower, chassis code, and thousandth of a second.

The reason behind this rule is to keep the community from falling into utter chaos. There is no point in having 10 different entries for the same race. By keeping the subject lines concise, it will be easier to go back through the LJ Calendar to find out if your Challenge is a unique one or not. If you've got a Challenge in mind, make sure to check back through the past entries before you post it up. If you find a previous Challenge with criteria that your proposed Challenge can meet, please submit your times to that previous Challenge.

3. Those who accept the Challenge will post their times as comments on the originator's entry. Don't be discouraged if you accept the Challenge and can't beat the other Challengers' times. Just do the best you can, and post up whatever you managed to run. Not everyone will be able to beat everyone else. Without everyone's participation, this Challenge won't work, and it's the thrill of competition that makes the Challenge fun!

Any trash-talking should be done on the message boards under each entry, not as separate entries! This community is for everyone, so let's try to keep it tidy.

4. Please keep flaming to a minimum. It's understood that a competition like this will likely invoke angry feelings and possibly spur fierce rivalries, but please remember that it's just a friendly contest and we're all here to have some fun. Keep your wits about you and don't get carried away.

Thanks for playing, and

Gentlemen, start your engines!