Dr. Gabriel Butler, M.D. (dr_gabe_b_md) wrote in gt3_challenge,
Dr. Gabriel Butler, M.D.

Gran Tourismo 4

Hey guys. GT4 won't be out in Japan til' 2004, but either way, its gonna be great.

I think that the game would be a whole lot better if the following fixes were made:

-Visible upgrades on cars (I'd like to have racing exhaust and soft tires be a little more visible)
-Body upgrades (Putting in a dominantly fiberglass body couldn't hurt)
-Full racing modification (It needs to come back! The cars looked so cool with it)
-Damage model (Slamming into a wall at 230mph and just bouncing back just does NOT compute)
-I cannot stress this enough- ONLINE PLAY. You could leave all of these other options out, and putting online play in would make GT3 one of the best racing games of all time. But nothing beats Tokyo Extreme ;-) (I'd love to use one of my finely tuned Skylines against some redneck and his Viper)
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